By Jenni Wirtz | 17 February, 2021

Premium Quality Braking Range For CV Applications

When it comes to effective braking for the country’s thousands of commercial vehicles (CVs), whether on the power unit or the trailer, guaranteed performance and complete dependability should be non-negotiable qualities. For the sake of both the driver and other road users, as well as for the general public, the consequences of such large objects failing to slow down or stop in time, can be grave.

It is therefore absolutely crucial that those responsible for the service and repair of commercial vehicles specify and install premium quality components that have been manufactured to exacting specification, to ensure the required standards for braking performance and durability are maintained.

The Borg & Beck Braking programme offers the aftermarket a trusted, premium quality range that delivers enormous stopping power as well as remarkable durability, which is why BTRA racing team Cole Trucksport will once again be fitting Borg & Beck’s standard compound Brake Pads and Dics to their truck, the Beast, for this years racing season.

Global Marketing Director, Jon Roughley, said: “All of our braking components are fully tested and checked during production for premium quality assurance, these are just a few reasons why Cole Trucksport rely on our braking components. Going from having to change brake pads every race to now only changing pads once a weekend is a massive benefit for the team, as it saves an impressive amount of time, and best of all, still delivers the same performance!

“Getting feedback from the team and seeing for ourselves just how effective the pad and disc combination performs under the most extreme of conditions, is a superb way of demonstrating the facts that we have been expressing to existing and potential customers and fully endorses all of the technical research that has been put into the development of the Borg & Beck CV Braking programme.

“We trust the racing will soon be able to get going again and wish Simon and the entire Cole Trucksport team all the very best for an exciting and successful 2021 season.”

Alongside it’s premium Braking programme, the companys Commercial Vehicle range includes Steering and Suspension, Water Pumps, Air and Electrical Coils, and Rotating Electrics, to fit key applications, such as DAF, Scania, Renault, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, MAN and Iveco, providing the independent aftermarket with a credible alternative to OES, whilst helping factors and workshops maximise business opportunities by being able to cater for the most important references required.

The full CV programme can be accurately looked up via application or cross reference in the company’s market-leading online catalogue, WebCat Backed-up with a comprehensive warranty and with excellent availability, customers can be sure that what they are buying really is a viable alternative to OE, therefore it’s no wonder fleets demand Borg & Beck, as it’s the perfect fit and chosen by many.



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