By Jenni Wirtz | 7 February, 2020

The Borg & Beck brand is renowned in the aftermarket for its original equipment (OE) heritage, impressive range and proactive approach to advanced technologies, specifications and legal regulations, which is why its braking range is so prominent in the industry.

Borg & Beck is committed to safety and performance and therefore ensures that all products undergo rigorous testing during the manufacturing process. Offering a braking range that consists of more than 4,400 references, all of which, where applicable, fully comply to R90 criteria requirements, are supplied with the necessary accessories for complete ease of fitment and are backed up with a comprehensive 2-year/24,000 mile warranty against manufacturing defects, technicians can have complete confidence installing any Borg & Beck product.

In terms of brake pads, it is common knowledge that copper free pads are less corrosive on the brake disc compared to the coarser formulations used on low-end pads, whilst also being more environmentally friendly. The current trend to raise the issue of copper free brake pads is far from a new development for Borg & Beck, as 99.5% of the range has been copper free since introduction in 2012, long before their present popularity among other suppliers.

Plus, its BECKTEC double rubber shims have been engineered specifically to reduce vibration, which minimises a large portion of noise heard during braking, resulting in a smoother, quieter operation. All are supplied in sealed packaging, with pads tightly wrapped to avoid rubbing or damage during transit, and the company also provides everything in the box that OE manufacturers supply.

Manufactured to OE specification dimensionally, with high carbon content and no compromise on material make-up or weight reduction, Borg & Beck’s BECKTEC brake discs are of premium quality and are fully coated as standard.

Some manufacturers offer a coating only on the hat and rim of the disc, arguing that coating the friction surface can reduce efficiency. However, this is only the case for coated discs with a painted finish, which are oil-based and cannot be applied to the friction surface, due to its organic content. In contrast, Borg & Beck’s BECKTEC discs use a zinc -aluminium water-based coating, which is designed, not to reduce, but improve efficiency, via effective heat dissipation.

There are many benefits from having a fully coated disc, for instance having the veins coated prevents rust and therefore aids in the thermal efficiency. Plus, being coated, they do not come greased, therefore they can be taken straight from the box and fitted hassle free.

When it comes to installing brake pads and discs, it is essential that vital procedures are not overlooked, as this may lead to induced premature failure of the new components. Calipers, for example, need to be able to operate freely, so must be clear of dust, dirt and corrosion and caliper bolts should be replaced, as many are one use only, so may not torque correctly if reused.

As a result, when purchasing brake pads, workshops need to check with the factor to see if all the necessary parts are included in the box, as some kits will not be supplied with replacement caliper bolts and essential springs and clips, as they may be sold separately, as fitting kits for example.

Borg & Beck’s range of more than 630 brake fitting kits and in excess of 200 wear leads, provides a comprehensive solution for both pads and shoes, ensuring the correct operation of the braking assembly is achieved, minimising the possibility of noise, uneven wear, or unequal brake effort following complete replacement.

Overall, the Borg & Beck braking range, which continues to grow on a monthly basis, now encompasses more than 1,500 discs and 1,250 pads, as well as references for drums, shoes, wear leads, cables, wheel cylinders, master cylinders, and brake fluid.



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